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Ohh, heyyy ya'll, it's me!

Back at it again with ANOTHER ONE.

[I need to come up with a new intro lol.]

Sooo, I realized when I did my swimwear inspiration & outfit inspiration blog posts, that I really love blogging about FASHION. [ha! what can I say, I have a passion for fashion] OMG. I am so LAME.

Anyway, I decided to drop new finds DAILY [ok maybe weekly} on here, God willing! I really hope I can provide you guys with some cute things to wear and also some gorgeous items for your home.

& no, it won't just be Amazon! I'll be on the hunt all over! So, make sure you check back with me to see what I've found. FYI: I created the "Finds" tab below for easy access.

Also, if you're looking for something specific, drop me a line, and I'll definitely do my best to assist you! [Come on customer service skills!!]

But, the time is here, so let's get into these yoga finds, honey!

[as usual click the image to shop]

Ombre Style

Yes, Girl! I've done the research for you too. I know, I know, you love me lol!

Ratings: 4.5/5

# of Reviews: 1,756

Over The Heel Yoga Pants

Ratings: 4/5

# of Reviews: 1,046

Solid Color Ankle Length Yoga Pants

Ratings 4.6/5

# of Reviews: 6,148

Top Two Favs:

Peep at Tomorrow's Finds:

**GOOD NEWS: MY SHOP WILL BE OPENING SOON! I'm so excited. I'll be giving the girls all things retail, retail-resell, wholesale, and drop-shipping. I'm talking the whole nine. So, STAY TUNED.**

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