Cereal Combinations That You Never Knew You Needed.

Cereal Combinations That You Never Knew You Needed.

Dear Fellow Cereal Lovers, why y'all never told me about mixing cereal?

As I was going through my photo album, I was reminded of this beautiful gem I visited while in L.A. and it inspired me to do a post dedicated to various cereal combinations.

But before we get into the good stuff, I need to give out some flowers.

Gizmo's Cereal Bar is every cereal lover's dream. They have several types of cereal & milk. Their decor is super cute, and they have all the old-school games to cure your nostalgia.

Get into this interior, I mean HOW CUTE IS THIS?

The. De.Tails.

I devoured their jungle bowl (pictured on the left), while my boyfriend built his own bowl. I highly doubt his was as good as mine, lol.

Thank you, Gizmo's for sharing your gift with the world. Although I doubt mine will be as good as yours, I will give a few a try.

My Fav:

Fruit Loops + Cap'n Crunch

More Combos:

Cinnamon Toast Crunch + Cap'n Crunch

Golden Grahams + Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Cap'n Crunch + Fruity Pebbles

Honey Nut Cheerios + Frosted Flakes

Trix + Fruity Pebbles

Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch + Cocoa Puffs

If you have any more combinations that you'd like to share, drop me a line.

I hope you cereal killers enjoy. (Ha! Cereal Killer! Corny, I KNOW).

I don't understand no - "xoxo"

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