Coloring Page of Lilo and Stitch: Fun for Kids

Coloring Page of Lilo and Stitch: Fun for Kids

If you're looking for a coloring page of your favorite character from Lilo and Stitch, you've come to the right place! In this blog post, we have a Stitch coloring page that is sure to keep your little ones entertained for hours. Print out this coloring page and get started on some colorful fun today!

Download Instructions For My *Pinterest* Peeps:

  1. Click The Three Dots In The Top Right Hand Corner

  2. Click Open In Browser

  3. Scroll Down and Click Download

  4. The Page Will Reload

  5. Scroll Down & Select The Drop Box Download

  6. AND BOOM. You're All Set!


Stitch w_ Sunglasses.pdf
Download ZIP • 179KB

If you have any trouble downloading the file, please email me with "Stitch w/Sunglasses" in the subject line, and the file will be sent directly to your email.